Inside Out

Wanting, Waiting
Forever skating
In and out of time
If only
I could do the things
I picture
In my mind
My soul feels
As if I am running
Out of time
Wanting, Waiting
What is living deep down inside
Reaching, praying, searching,
Staying daily
With my savior by my side
This love I have for you
Can never be denied
Wanting, waiting,
My deepest hearts desire
God has placed
Within me
To love Him more
To know Him more
To unlock
What seems to be hidden
Behind a prison door
I must be willing
To Stretch
To fly
Without a net
To do something
I haven’t done yet
Wanting, Willing, Waiting
Something fresh
Something new
I want to dine with you
He feeds my soul
He feeds my mine
I want to be with Him all the time
In the presence of my Living Lord
He is where I want to be
Loving, Living


4 thoughts on “Inside Out

    • To really know someone .. is to know their heart .. their desires .. We share the same love for Our Lord .. hearts beating .. as one .. in the Father .. and in the son .. and through the leading of the holy spirit .. I know you too can hear it … Many are out there .. needing to express themselves .. and their longing .. for the Lord .. This is what I believe I have been sent here for .. to be a Voice .. crying in the Wilderness .. Lord .. I Love you .. And to be a voice for those who .. can not speak … I say .. Lord.. use me .. to be hands and feet …to share your Love with all I meet …

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