The only things you can take with you…

Things are nice but nothing fulfills like those things that fit within the heart. And sometimes the heart breaks only so that it can grow and hold more.

Source: The only things you can take with you…

My heart fills this way .. I love Jane Lee’s illustrations and her narratives .. that we all can relate to .. In 2016 I plan to re-open my home office so I too can.. continue writing .. my heart .. sharing inspirations.. they Lord gives me … for you ..  and yet so many times .. He is healing me.. through what I write..

“My pockets may be empty but my heart is full” this is my quote from another blog I have written .. and shared .. during my 5 days.. of wandering .. Dec 17 thru Dec 21st .. I am never quite sure how I am going to feel .. Not trusting in my feelings .. but always .. seeking and searching my heart to make sure.. it is right with God.. and nothing is hidden in there.. to keep my heart from feeling free ..

Search me Oh God …

Love Your sister friend

I pray you find your heart .. clean before the Lord ..
Maybe this is the first time you have opened your heart up to the Lord .. if so .. know it is easy .. just talk to Him .. He is listening .. and will and can forgive you for anything .. He sent His one and only son Jesus.. to die in the place of our sin … Why you say .. Because He loved us and knew we would be sinners and would need a perfect sacrifice .. Share your heart with Him today .. You will not be disappointed .. He is the Lover of my soul ..