Who am I …..

I was born .. Lisa Kay Smith .. in a small town in Louisiana .. I have worn many names .. And Because of that .. When asking God how to publish .. He said Lisa use Me .. and I said thank you I will .. I became LisaMe … He being the Best part of who I have become .. through the many journeys I have traveled through .. Some of which might have been… When I met You .. If you think you know me .. Just .. Say Hello .. To me Today .. We might have passed .. each other on a lonely road in our yesterdays .. I have traveled many roads .. through cities and towns .. Yes I have been around .. Or you just may feel a Kindered Spirit .. that is OK Too .. I can Hear it .. Speak to me .. LisaMe!

I am a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend … I hit 50 only to start raising Children all over again .. It Has been a Challenge .. One to which we rise up to .. Everyday with a New Measure of Grace .. We could not do it without the help of Our Lord and Savior ..Jesus Christ .. to Whom I surrender my life to daily …. It is in His love that I live, move and have my being …

I am an inspirational writer.. writing what comes to my heart and mind.. Freely I give and Freely I share.. My writings are not to be robbed they belong to the one and only true living God .. They are also not to be taken out of the contents in which they were written .. If you share.. please share in entirety. These messages are not to be reproduced or published without the permission of Lisa Fryar/LisaMe!

LisaMe 2 - Copy


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