Bears in Boxes

Bears in boxes

I Love
My Teddy Bears
Sat on my Beds,
Baskets, Shelves
In wagons,
You name It
I had a bear there
My Bears are in Boxes
I Miss
My Teddy Bears

They use
To make me smile
All the time
All I had to do
Was pass by them
To be happy

I Loved
My Teddy Bears
So Much

I Had
Mr. & Mrs Bear
They made me Smile
I had
Their children
Teddy Bears
Their friends, their cousins
Aunts and Uncles
I had a Family
Of Bears
Who sat through out my house

They loved to sit and visit
For a long, long while
I loved
Seeing their little eyes
They made me
Laugh and Smile
Seeing them
In every room
Kept Joy
Upon my face
A Happiness within my  Heart
That spread through out
My space

I Loved
My Teddy Bears
So Much
I have missed our time apart
It is way past time to free them
I Need them in
My heart
So out
Of those Boxes
They must
So many
Memories To Share
I Love
My Family
Teddy Bears
They Love Me
I believe
They can
Still make Me
O so Very Happy
I am
Ready to See
Love LisaMe!