Bears in Boxes

Bears in boxes

I Love
My Teddy Bears
Sat on my Beds,
Baskets, Shelves
In wagons,
You name It
I had a bear there
My Bears are in Boxes
I Miss
My Teddy Bears

They use
To make me smile
All the time
All I had to do
Was pass by them
To be happy

I Loved
My Teddy Bears
So Much

I Had
Mr. & Mrs Bear
They made me Smile
I had
Their children
Teddy Bears
Their friends, their cousins
Aunts and Uncles
I had a Family
Of Bears
Who sat through out my house

They loved to sit and visit
For a long, long while
I loved
Seeing their little eyes
They made me
Laugh and Smile
Seeing them
In every room
Kept Joy
Upon my face
A Happiness within my  Heart
That spread through out
My space

I Loved
My Teddy Bears
So Much
I have missed our time apart
It is way past time to free them
I Need them in
My heart
So out
Of those Boxes
They must
So many
Memories To Share
I Love
My Family
Teddy Bears
They Love Me
I believe
They can
Still make Me
O so Very Happy
I am
Ready to See
Love LisaMe!




I am passing out “Joy” today! Because it is the Joy of the Lord, that I feel springing up in me today! Like Beautiful flowers that grow in the ground they must be watered ..
Leaving you the water of life .. that it may continue to flow freely through you .. So that your Garden will always be well watered …. Love LisaMe!